Writing a Search Query

A step-by-step guide to writing Console search queries.


Search Construction and Syntax
The Janrain Console introduces a number of powerful search mechanisms that make the Console a superior tool for locating the exact information you need.
Mandatory Parts of a Search Query
What is the difference between a default search and a custom search? When should each be used?
Attribute Names
What do I need to know before I search for user profiles based on attributes?
Which operators are available in Console search queries, and how do they work?
Target Search Values
What types of values can I target in Console user search queries?
Searching for String or Numeric Values
Searches can be performed for string and numerical values. There are two special cases, however: values that contain spaces and values that contain special characters.
Searching for Datetime Values
How do you perform a profile search for a date or time value?
Searching for Null Values
Why and how do you perform a search for a null or missing attribute?