Viewing Information in Customer Insights

Working with the data, and the visualizations, found in Customer Insights.


Viewing Information in Customer Insights
Viewing things in Customer Insights: data, filters, Looks, Dashboards, visualizations -- you name it.
Look and Dashboard Status Bars and Toolbars
When you access a Look or a Dashboard you’ll see a status bar/toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of the Customer Insights window. Here is how to use that bar.
Look Options
Each Look includes a number of different options for interacting with or saving the Look data.
Dashboard Options
Dashboard options are described in the following sections of this documentation.
When you design a Look or a Dashboard, you have the option of including many different types of filters.
Working with Visualizations
In addition to setting filters, you can interact with the data in a Look or Dashboard in many different ways.
Working with Data
The Data Section of a Look is the record set returned by the query and the raw data used to construct a visualization.
Viewing Daily Profiles Counts and Daily Profiles Changes
Customer Insights 2.1 includes a new Dashboard called App Profile Counts, which shows the exact number of user profiles as of midnight UTC time for the past 7 days.