Time Dim

Maintains hour/minute of the day information for events. Note that Time Dim information is stored in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format and not in local time; however, local time is used for timestamp fields. You can modify your local time zone by:

  1. Clicking your user profile icon and then clicking Account.
  2. On the Account page, click Time Zone and select the desired time zone:

Completing the preceding procedure changes your default time zone. You can also change the time zone for an individual Look or Dashboard by clicking the Time Zone list in the Look/Dashboard toolbar.


  • Count



Hour of the day, based on a 24-hour clock. Hour 0 is the time from midnight to 12:59 AM; hour 1 is the time from 1:00 AM to 1:59 AM: etc. Sample data:



Minute of the hour. Minute values are reused throughout the day; for example, 10:23 AM and 11:23 AM both have a minute value of 23. Sample data: