The mergeAccounts Screen Text Reference (Hosted Login v1)

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This screen (click the thumbnail above to see a bigger version) appears if a user created their initial account by using traditional registration, then later tries to sign in with a social login provider that uses the same email address as the one found in the initial account.

Note that you can only merge accounts if the social login provider returns a verified email address as part of its API response.

JTL (Janrain Templating Language) Tags Used on This Screen

JTL Text Tag

Default Value

{* textVerifyIdentity *}

Verify {| existing_emailAddress |}

{* textExistingAccountFound *}

{| existing_emailAddress |} already has an account using {| existing_provider |}

{* textJustSignedInWithProvider *}

But just now, you signed in with {| current_provider |}.

{* textVerifyWithProviderToMerge *}

To merge your accounts, please continue to {| existing_provider |} to verify your identity.

{* textNeedHelp *}

Need help?

{* linkHelp *}

Visit our help center.

{* textFooter *}

{* textFooterExtra *}

Mapping JTL Tabs to UI Screen Elements

The following diagram maps the JTL tags to their corresponding screen elements: