The authRule_consents Screen Text Reference (Hosted Login v1)

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This screen (click the thumbnail above to see a bigger version) appears if:

  1. An authorization rule has been implemented that requires a user to agree to the mandatory consents before he or she can log on.
  2. The user has not yet agreed to these consents.

JTL (Janrain Templating Language) Tags Used on This Screen

JTL Text Tag

Default Value

{* textAuthRuleConsentsHeading *}

Consent required.

{* textAuthRuleConsentsValue *}

In order to continue, we need your consent.

{* marketingConsent *}

Marketing Consent

{* textAuthRuleConsentsSubmit *}


{* textNeedHelp *}

Need help?

{* linkHelp *}

Visit our help center.

{* textFooter *}

{* textFooterExtra *}

Mapping JTL Tags to UI Screen Elements

The following diagram maps the JTL tags to their corresponding screen elements: