Social Login

Social login allows users to sign in to your website or app without having to create a new account and remember a new password. Instead, users can sign in to your site by using an existing account on a social login provider such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. To see which social login providers the Identity Cloud supports (and to access step-by-step instructions for configuring those providers), check out the Identity Provider section.

  • Social Login Overview
    What's social login all about? This.
  • Identity Providers
    As a general rule, before you can enable a social login identity provider you need to create an app and configure that provider for social login. Fortunately, we have configuration guides for all the social login providers supported by the Akamai Identity Cloud.
  • Implementing Social Login
    How do you get social login up and running in your organization? Reading this documentation is a good place to start.
  • Customizing Social Login
    Not convinced that social login works exactly the way you'd like it to? Then change it.
  • Social Login JavaScript API
    Use JavaScript to custom-tailor the social login experience.
  • Social Login Analytics
    Just how many people are logging on by using Social login? And which social login identity providers are they logging on with.
  • Social Sharing
    Using JavaScript to customize the social sharing experience.
  • Social Sharing JavaScript API
    Using JavaScript to customize the social sharing experience.