Search History and Search Filters

Taking advantage of the Console's search history and search filters.


Search History and Search Filters
There are two ways to save and reuse search queries: search history and search filters. What is the difference between the two?
A Few Quick Notes About the Console Search History
Console searches are stored locally: they are not stored in a central location accessible from any computer and/or any web browser.
Using the Search History
To ensure Show Search History is enabled, all you have to do is click the mouse anywhere in the Search Profiles field. The last four searches, regardless of browser or computer, will be displayed.
Saving Filters
Unlike the search history, filters are stored centrally: that means that filters are available regardless of the computer/browser you are currently using. They are also saved on a per-user basis.
Deleting a Saved Filter
How do you delete a saved filter?
Modifying or Renaming a Filter
How do you edit a saved filter?