Release Notes

Following are the latest release notes for the Akamai Identity Cloud:


This update addresses an issue preventing new or modified settings from being saved to properties that have a setting containing a dot "." in the setting name.


The following issues have been addressed in this release of the Identity Cloud Console. 

Console Sign In Page

  • The Region selector was missing from screens that had only social or SAML sign in options.

Manage Properties

  • Custom client settings can now be deleted.
  • Custom settings no longer allow spaces in their name.
  • To view or edit a Property in Manage Properties select the new Edit option from the action menu rather than clicking on the Property.

Schema Management

  • The length of an attribute sometimes displayed as 999 rather than the correct value.
  • A query-able attribute can now have a length of 1000.
  • In the Validation and Transformations section, after choosing "Globally" for the Unique setting on an attribute your choice could not be reverted.

Registration Builder 

  • A View Form option has been added to the list of Forms shown at the bottom of the Edit Field screen.
  • Trying to create or edit a translatable string field fails with a "not a valid schemaAttribute" error.
  • The Label setting is now available in the field editor for all field types except for Hidden, Read Only, and Translatable String.
  • After promoting a flow to an App in another region the copied flow was displayed but the target App was not opened in the side navigation.
  • The Data Validation dialog title now reflects whether you are editing an existing validation or adding a new one.


Identity Cloud has added support for the following Identity Providers::

  • Line IdP can now be configured as a standard identity provider in the social login configuration dashboard. Detailed directions can be found here.
  • Yahoo! Japan has been added as a configurable provider. Contact your Identity Cloud representative about enabling this provider for your account.


The 2020-04-08 Console update introduces new capabilities for Schema Management:

  • Authorized Console users can now create and manage schemas and schema attributes from within the Console UI.
  • The new capabilities are available to users who have the Application Admin and Application Configuration Admin roles.
  • For more information please see


The 2020-04-01 Console update introduces significant enhancements to Registration Builder:

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