Profile Access Filters

By default, every Console agent has access to each and every user profile. However, you can place some restrictions on the profiles that an individual agent can and cannot access. To view these options, from the Manage Agents page click Create Agent. On the Create Agent page, select an agent role and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There, you’ll see your entity types and the type of access you can grant to those entities:

Here's what those different access types actually mean:

  • Full Access is exactly what the name implies: the user has access to all the profiles for the entity type. This is the default setting for all agents.
  • No Access access means that the user cannot access any of the profiles for this entity type. If you have one entity type and you block the agent, that agent will not be able to access any user profile. But suppose you have two entity types (for example, users and employees). If you block the agent from the user entity type, he or she will still be able to access profiles that use the employees entity. To prevent the agent from accessing any user profile, you will need to block the agent from both users and employees.
  • Limited Access, which appears only if you have configured the user distinguisher field setting. Under the Limited Access heading you’ll see the friendly name of the attribute you configured as your user distinguisher field (e.g., Country). If you click Distinguisher Values, the country values that you configured appear in a dropdown list:

The Limited Access filter is explained in more detail in the article Restricting Agent Activity by Profile Type.