Managing User Profiles

Creating updating, deleting, auditing, and exporting user profiles. (Whew.)


Managing User Profiles
What can an agent do with user profiles? The list of activities, with links to each article, are here.
Viewing Profiles on the Manage Profiles Page
The Manage Profiles page is used for searching for user profiles, creating profiles, exporting profile information, or viewing the details of an individual profile.
Creating a User Profile
The Janrain Console enables administrators to create new user profiles by pre-populating attributes such as email address, display name, address, and phone number.
Working with the Property Attribute
Specifying a user profile's property indicates which API Client the user should be associated with.
Managing the Full User Record
The attributes used in your organization's user profiles are completely up to you. Manage Profiles is where agents can view and edit these attributes for users.
Resending Verification Emails
How do you re-send a user verification email?
Resetting a User Password
User passwords cannot be viewed or retrieved, but they can be reset if a user forgets. Follow this simple procedure in the Manage Profiles page of the Console.
Deleting a User Profile
How do you delete or deactivate a user profile? What is the difference between the two?
Exporting Audit Data
In the Console, you gain access to log entries by exporting audit data for a user (you can only export audit data for a single user at a time). You can then view the data or download a .csv file.
Exporting Profile Information
If you’d like a copy of your user profile data, you can download a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or CSV (comma-separated values) file from within the Console. The resulting CSV file (which can be opened in any spreadsheet program) wil...