Managing Properties

Managing properties (also known as API clients).


Managing Properties
Properties (also known as “API clients”) are used to make authenticated requests against the Identity Cloud REST APIs. Typically, these calls are used for login and registration: when a user logs on to or registers with a website, that l...
Searching for (and Filtering) Properties
In the Manage Properties page, you can display, sort, filter, and search your properties (client APIs).
Copying a Property
To create a new property (client API) using another property’s features, IP whitelists, and settings as a foundation, use the Copy property function in Manage Properties.
Creating a Property
Creating a new property (client API) is simple in the Manage Properties page of Console.
Working with Features
There are six client features to choose from when creating or modifying a property in the Console. Depending on your needs, individual properties can be assigned multiple client features.
Working with IP Whitelists
By default, the IP whitelist for a property is set to, which means that any IP address can be used to make API calls. This list can be restricted using the below procedure.
Working with Client IDs and Client Secrets
Each property has a client ID and a client secret; for authentication purposes, these values serve as the property’s username (ID) and password (secret): Each property also has a name. Unlike the client ID and client secret, howeve...
Renaming a Property
A property can be easily renamed in the Managed Properties section of Console.
Resetting Client Secrets
Client secrets should never be shared with anyone, including Janrain. Here's how to reset the secret if it is compromised.
Viewing Client Secrets
There are two ways to display your client secret in the Manage Properties area of Console.
Deleting a Property
Properties can be deleted in the Manage Properties area of Console.
Managing Property Settings
By default, properties inherit settings configured at the global scope; these settings specify such things as the default flow name and locale, the email address used for all transactional emails (i.e., messages sent from the Console itself, such a ...
Modifying Property Settings
Settings for properties can be changed in the Manage Properties area of Console. Note that settings for properties are different than settings for applications.
Adding a Property Setting
Use the Add Setting button in Manage Properties to add a property setting.
Removing a Property Setting
Removing a property setting is a simple two-step process in Manage Properties.