Managing Applications

Viewing application information, and creating, updating, and deleting application settings.


Managing Applications
Overview of managing applications in the Janrain Console.
Viewing Application Information
In the Manage Applications page, you'll find the Application ID, the application region, and the application’s Registration and Single Sign-On (SSO) domains.
Managing Global Settings
What is the difference between global and local client API settings? How do they work together?
Viewing Global Settings
Global settings are found on the Manage Application page and are grouped by predefined setting categories.
Modifying Global Settings
Editing global application settings is a simple 3-step process.
Adding a New Setting
Custom global settings can be created in the Manage Applications page of Console.
Removing a Global Setting
Global application settings are easy to remove in the Manage Applications page of Console.
Accessing Property Settings
Property API settings can be accessed from the Manage Applications page.