Managing Agents

Managing agents, users who have administrative privileges to the Janrain Console.


Managing Agents
The term "agent" in the Janrain Console is used for someone who has administrative rights. Agents can have different capabilities, depending on their role.
Accessing the Manage Agents Page
Where can you access agent roles in the Janrain Console? Use the Manage Agents page.
Console Roles and Permissions
The Janrain Console supports 14 different roles, designed to give you more granular control over administrative access.
Console Roles and Capture Dashboard Permissions
With the debut of the new Console roles, users who also hold Capture Dashboard roles are likely to encounter permission issues. If you’re a Capture Dashboard admin you don’t have to worry about this: admin role-holders automatically have...
Console Roles
The Janrain Console uses 14 different agent roles to make managing administrative access more granular. Each of the roles are covered here.
Profile Access Filters
How can you restrict agent access to specific users' profiles within the Console?
Restricting Agent Activity By Profile Type
How can you restrict agent access within the Customer Care Portal?
Agent Groups
Agents in your organization may have different jobs and different responsibilities. Because of that, it might be better if those agents saw different attributes in their search results.
Configuring Agent Groups and Assigning Group Membership
Agent groups dictate the attributes displayed in a member agent's search results; they do not determine the profiles that an agent has access to. Additionally, agents must still be assigned roles.
Creating a New Agent
Console agent accounts are separate from user accounts and profiles. Follow this process for creating new agents.
Accepting an Agent Invitation and Managing Your Console Password
You've received an invitation to be an agent in your organization's Janrain Console. Now what? Follow this guide for your next steps.
Changing Your Console Password
Use the Forgot Password link on the Console login page to change or reset your password.
Console Passwords vs. Dashboard Passwords
It’s important to note that, when it comes to passwords, Console and Dashboard accounts are not linked: if you change your Console password, your Dashboard password will not change as well.
Blocking Access for an Agent
Console agents can be temporarily or permanently blocked. Here's how.
Assigning Multiple Roles to an Agent
Janrain Console agent roles are granular by design. However, you can combine two or more agent roles for any agent to provide the correct level of access.
Deleting an Agent
How do I delete a Console agent?
Filtering for Agents
The Manage Agents page in Console lets you use unique character strings to filter your agents by name and/or by email address, making searching for agents much easier.
Exporting Agent Data
Exporting agent data is the only way that you can tell, at a glance, which agents have been restricted to a limited set of user profiles. Find out how.