Janrain University Course Catalog

Janrain University is continuously updated with new courses. Offerings come in three formats:

  • ILT: instructor-led classroom sessions 
  • E: on-demand elearning modules 
  • W: on-demand recorded webinars 

Best Practices in Customer Preference Management (W) 

In today's identity landscape, marketers are challenged to create targeted campaigns that inspire action, customer demand control of their online identities and data sharing, and governments have announced rules for consumer privacy and data management. Learn how to implement preference management that benefits your customers and your marketing team... and complies with GDPR.

Customer Insights Overview (E) NEW!

This on-demand course provides an overview of the Identity Cloud's Customer Insights (CI) tool. After the course, learners are able to apply CI capabilities to their business, define CI event types and unique terms, use provided standard reports, and create custom reports.

Customer Insights Training (W)

Are you getting the customer insights and actionable intelligence your company needs to optimize marketing and business decision-making in the digital age? According to Forrester Research, insights-driven businesses are growing eight times faster than global GDP. To up your game, combine customer profile and behavior data with a new generation of business tools. This recorded webinar contains a demonstration of Akamai's next-generation Customer Insights tool in action.

Developer Certification Elearning Course (E) UPDATED!

Get certified-- all online! This on-demand course contains several elearning modules with conceptual explanations and system demonstrations to prepare enterprise customers and partners to make their most of their investment in the Akamai Identity Cloud. Topics covered include: social login UI/UX, registration UI/UX, the Identity Cloud Console, Configuration APIs, data storage and access, Authentication APIs, and SSO. Successful completion of all modules earns the learner their Identity Cloud Developer Certification!

Escalation to Akamai (E)

Learn the best way to escalate Identity Cloud support issues to Akamai, as well as the definitions and service expectations for our Severity Levels.

Identity Cloud Console Overview (E) NEW!

This on-demand elearning module covers the Identity Cloud Console. For each section of the Console, the module provides a section overview, annotated screenshots, and system demonstrations. Note: This module is also included in the Identity Cloud Developer Certification course.

The Mechanics of Identity Resolution (W)

Identity resolution is a critical piece of customer journey analytics. To fully understand and map customer journeys, enterprises must understand a customer's activities while they are still anonymous-- before they fill out a form, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or otherwise make themselves known. Implementing best practices in data collection and management will lead to higher quality data, improved customer experience with brand trust, and rich, actionable business intelligence. This webinar dives into the challenges and mechanics of identity resolution, describes the tools involved, discusses the importance of data and analytics, and illustrates strategic business impact through real-life case studies from world-renowned brands. 

Scaling Your Identity Directory (W)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly compounding identity data. B2C- and B2C2T (things)- connected use cases include person identities, the associated attributes and behaviors of each person, each person's things, and each person's activities and use of their things. For example, one client manages 500 million identities plus one billion things that are actively associated with those people's identities. This rapid scale is outpacing the capacity of traditional LDAP, or similar workforce directories. This webinar breaks down the limitations of LDAP and other legacy directories and argues in favor of a cloud-native data architecture for flexible and secure high performance.

Security Overview (E)

This course provides an important overview of security policies and procedures at Akamai. It contains an elearning module, the Identity Cloud's Security Policies for review, and an acknowledgement of policy review. This course is intended for partners only.

Understanding Customer Identity and Access Management (W)

Customer identity data forms the foundation for analyzing, understanding, and predicting consumer behavior and customer journeys from first contact to purchase decisions to long-term brand loyalty. Managing digital identities and extracting business value out of the associated data is complex and commonly referred to as customer identity and access management (CIAM). While many large enterprises rely on some form of identity management, not all solutions are created equal. It is important to understand the native capabilities of CIAM as well as its fundamental differences from alternative identity management solutions.