Partner API

The Partner API provides a way to programmatically create new Engage applications. For example, an online community site could enable users to create their own community sites simply by selecting a few options and then, behind the scenes, having the Partner API create the corresponding Engage applications. 

To use the Partner API, you must have a partner key. Contact your Akamai representative for more information.

The Partner API includes the following endpoints:

Admin Endpoints

These endpoints focus on discovery and manipulation of admin users that have access to a Social Login app.

Application Endpoints

These endpoints control the creation, deletion, querying, and configuration of a Social Login app.


The Partner API uses the following URL syntax:


To access your partner endpoints, replace {partner_domain} with your partner domain name and replace {endpoint} with the appropriate endpoint. For example:

URI Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
domain string Yes Social application domain name.