Identity Cloud Developer Certification

The Identity Cloud's Developer Certification is comprised of two parts:

  1. Training
  2. Certification Exam

The certification lasts one year and is renewable through updated training and assessment.

Developer Certification Training

Our Developer Certification training equips partners and customers to implement high-quality, innovative Akamai solutions. The course is structured to maximize the learner's ability to pass the Certification Exam immediately following. Topics include:

Training is available in two formats. The instructor-led two-day course includes conceptual discussions, system demonstrations, and hands-on activities. This multi-faceted approach aids learner comprehension and retention. The online on-demand elearning course is geared toward the learner who needs a quicker, more flexible approach to training. It offers self-paced, theory- and concept- centered elearning modules along with recorded system demos. Both formats are accessible through Janrain University and are followed by the Developer Certification Exam.

Certification Exam

The Developer Certification exam is administered online through Janrain University. It utilizes a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and matching, to assess the learner's ability to perform basic implementations. The exam contains randomized questions on each of the topics presented in the accompanying course. Learners must obtain a score of at least 80% correct in order to earn their Developer Certification.