Identity Cloud Configuration API

The Configuration API is a self-service tool for implementing login, registration, and profile management in your Registration experience. The endpoints detailed in this section of the documentation deal primarily with the flow: managing such things as fields, forms, screens, and translations. Another portion of the Configuration API is used for managing API clients and applications; for those endpoints, see the Clients and Settings API.


The Configuration API uses the following endpoint URL syntax:


To access your Configuration API endpoints, replace {app_domain} with your Identity Cloud API domain, replace {app} with your application ID, and replace {endpoint} with the appropriate endpoint. For example:


The Configuration API supports basic HTTP authentication using either owner or direct_access credentials. To create the authorization code, combine your client ID and secret like this: clientId + ":" + secret. And then base64 encode the result.

Authorization string

Used to send the authorization code.


Authorization: Basic aW1fYV...NfbXk=


Response CodeDescription

401 Unauthorized

A request was made without credentials or the credentials were invalid.

403 Forbidden

The credentials provided were incorrect for the requested resource.