Implementing Registration

How to get Janrain registration up and running.


Deployment Overview
For each new customer deployment, Janrain Professional Services will provision two distinct environments, Development and Production.
The Reference Implementation
A reference implementation should serve as a guide for integrating the Janrain Registration UI into your own site. The source files may be used as-is, but adjustments can be made.
Configuration Acceptance Testing
Janrain provides a set of standard test cases for 20+ use cases along with with step-by-step test actions and their expected results.
Step-by-Step Implementation Process
What is the process for implementing Janrain's Registration user interface (UI)?
Production Launch Process
The Production environment is distinct from Development with its own Social Login app(s), Registration app, user data storage, API clients and settings, and flow configurations.
Flow Versioning
With each publish, your flow is given a new version number, giving you the ability to use a specific flow version in your implementation and manually change the version displayed.
Managing Sessions with Registration
The overview and more detailed sections below should help you determine whether server-side session management is required for your use cases.