Hosted Login

Hosted Login v2 is the latest iteration of the Akamai's standards-based solution for Customer Identity and Access Management.

Hosted Login Authorization Rules

  • authorization.rules.consents
  • authorization.rules.email_is_verified
  • authorization.rules.legal_accepted
  • authorization.rules.min_age
  • authorization.rules.required_attributes
  • authorization.rules.auth_ttl

Hosted Login Authorization Requests

  • Using the claims Parameter
  • Using the login_hint Parameter
  • Using the nonce Parameter
  • Using the prompt Parameter
  • Using the scopes Parameter
  • Using the ui_locales Parameter

Hosted Login 2FA and Trusted Devices

  • Enabling and Disabling Two-Factor Authentication
  • Registering New Users When Using 2FA
  • Requiring 2FA Each Time a User Logs On
  • What Happens When You Trust a Device?
  • Changing Your Mobile Device Number

Hosted Login Configuration

  • Accessing the OIDC Configuration Endpoints
  • Adding a Field to a Form
  • Adding a Redirect URI
  • Adding a Scope to a Token Policy
  • Redirecting the "Visit our help center" Link
  • Modifying Hosted Login Screen Text
  • Configuring Social Login
  • Creating an OIDC Login Client
  • Upgrading to Hosted Login v2

Hosted Login Provisioning

  • Verifying Your Application Client Settings
  • Verifying Your Akamai Customer ID
  • Verifying Your Entity Type Schema
  • Verifying Your Hosted Login Flow
  • Verifying Your Public OIDC Login Client
  • Verifying Your Login Policy