Finding Information in Customer Insights

A guided tour of Customer Insights and the Customer Insights UI.


Finding Information in Customer Insights
An overview of Customer Insights navigation.
The Customer Insights Home Page
The Customer Insights home page is where you land after logging in. It is also a way to get the Shared Space.
The Browse Menu
The quickest and easiest way to navigate through Customer Insights.
If there are Dashboards or Looks that you find especially useful, you can mark them as favorites for easy location later.
Recently Viewed
Recently Viewed maintains lists of the Dashboards and Looks that you have most recently visited.
The Popular perspective ranks the most-popular Dashboards and Looks based on the number of times those locations have been visited
The Shared Space is the default location for Dashboards and Looks intended to be shared with an organization (or with one or more departments in an organization).
Personal Folder
Your Personal Space is your own individual space within Customer Insights: this is the Space where Dashboards or Looks that you create will be stored.
The Users space shows you your personal space plus the personal spaces of any users who have given you access to their spaces.
The Folders Menu
A quick way to navigate within a space is to use the Spaces menu for that particular space.
Using the Global Search Filter
You can access global search by clicking the Search link located in the upper right corner of the screen. Use filters to narrow your results.
Tile View vs. List View
How do you switch from list view to tile view?