Data and Access Management Overview

Akamai provides a powerful and secure customer profile database that gives you the tools you need to access and manage your data. Using the Registration API, you can securely add, remove, update, and export user profiles while tightly controlling read and write access to user data.

You should be familiar with the following concepts to effectively manage Akamai's profile data storage solution:

  • API Client - API clients control access to the Registration API. They are used for authentication when making direct API calls, and they control site-specific behavior when users interact with the Registration UI. Client permissions and settings are managed with the Configuration API.
  • Entity - An entity is a user record in your Registration application. Entities are managed with the /entity API.
  • Entity Type - Entity types are distinct profile data stores within a Capture application. A JSON schema defines the profile attributes to be stored for user records and any global validation rules or constraints that should be applied. Entity types are managed with the /entityType API.
  • Flow - Flows provide a configuration layer that sits the between client-side user interface elements of Registration and the entity type where user data is stored, allowing different data validation rules to be defined across sites all using the same database schema. Flows are managed with the Configuration Clients and Settings API.