Customizing the Registration Experience

This section provides walkthroughs for many common use cases, and is organized in a Question/Answer format.


Before reading this section, you should already be familiar with the following concepts:

Common Questions and Use Cases

Customizing what information is gathered during registration

  • How do I create a custom field, in general?
  • How do I remove a custom field, in general?
  • How do I add/remove a field on a form, in general?
  • How do I customize an existing field?
  • How do I add a field for email, phone number, etc. requiring regex validation?
  • How do I add a drop-down/list-of-values field to a form?
  • How do I add a multi-select field to a form?
  • How do I add a date field to a form?
  • How do I add a radio-button or checkbox to a form?
  • How do I integrate third-party analytics into Registration?

Customizing the Flow of the User Experience

  • How do I add or remove a new form?
  • How do I personalize the user’s experience after login?
  • How do I pre-populate a form with data returned from an identity provider?

Customizing validation and other logic

  • How do I make a field required? Optional?
  • How can I enforce password, phone number, zip code, etc. patterns/regex?
  • How do I add Captcha to my forms?
  • How do I enforce age restrictions/gating?

Customizing the style/aesthetics of your forms

  • How do I use custom social provider buttons?
  • How do I use my own stylesheets?
  • How do I add mobile-specific stylesheets
  • How do I load IE-specific stylesheets?
  • What are the major DOM elements?
  • How do I modify modal borders?

Customizing Transactional Emails

  • How do I add or remove an email?
  • How do I configure the sender address for transactional emails?
  • How can I send transactional emails through a third-party rather than Akamai?
  • Do you support 3rd-party email integrations, such as with Salesforce?

Customizing language/locale

  • What elements are localized?
  • How do I see all localized strings in my flow?
  • How can I load the Registration UI in different languages?
  • How do I add a new language/locale to registration?
  • How do I modify the translations for an existing locale?
  • How do I remove a language/locale?

Managing Multiple Sites and Brands

  • Brand A requires pieces of information that is not required for Brand B; how should I achieve this?
  • My brands/sites are very different aesthetically, and I want my transactional emails to reflect this; how can this be done?
  • I don’t want an user on site A to be able to logon to site B; how can I implement this?
  • I don’t want my users to associate brands A and B; how can I implement this?
  • I want to segment my users across brands, or fitting this data into one profile is too complex; how should I implement this?