Customizing Social Login

Modifying social login, and working with the data collected by using social login.


Customizing Social Login
This section of the documentation includes articles on: Retrieving User Data Customizing Your Application Domain Customizing the Appearance of the Social Login UI Implementing Third-Party Analytics Assigning Scopes ...
Retrieving User Data
The object returned by the auth_info call can contain a number of object fields, and these will vary depending on several factors, including identity provider and service level.
Customizing Your Application Domain
For production Social Login applications, Janrain can configure the domain to use a custom subdomain that you host (for example,
Customizing the Appearance of the Social Login UI
After adding the Social Login code you obtained from the Social Login Dashboard, your document will look something like this: <script> (function(){ if(typeofwindow.janrain !== 'object')window.janrain = {}; if(typeofwindo...
Implementing Third-Party Analytics
The Janrain Social Login JavaScript API fires events that you can track and report as needed. The API provides fine-grained data based on user actions.
Assigning Scopes on a Per-Page Basis
To tailor the social login scopes to individual sites, there are two alternate best practices.
Progressive Permissioning for Facebook
Progressive permissioning for Facebook is enabled with the facebookPermissions setting, which must be set as an array.
Logging Users Out of Facebook
You may want to log your users out of Facebook at the same time a Social Login session ends. The best practice for achieving this is to use the Social Login event system combined with the janrain.engage.signin.logoutFacebook method to...
Adding a Custom Provider Button
To add a custom provider button, configure the below settings.
Account Mapping
Janrain Social Login enables your site to associate a conventional user account with all of a user’s social identities. We call these associations account mappings.