Customer Insights Explore Reference

Information about the Explores (roughly equivalent to a database table) that come standard with Customer Insights.


The Customer Insights Explore Reference
Jumping-off point for the Explores that come standard with Customer Insights.
App Dim
The App Dimension maintains data about Capture applications and entity types (user profile databases).
Client Dims
Client dimensions maintain data about Capture clients and key client events (such as creation date and time).
Date Dims
The Date Dimension maintains date information; enables you to “slice and dice” dates in different ways and using different formats.
Event Fact
Event Fact Dimensions maintain data about Janrain events such as traditional sign-in or entity updates.
Idp Dim
The IdP Dimension maintains information about Identity Providers (IDPs), third-party entities such as Facebook and Twitter that can be used for social login.
Location Dim
Location Dimensions maintain location information for users, including city, state (region), country, and continent.
Profile Dim
The Profile Dimension maintains demographic information drawn from user profiles.
Profile Fact
Profile Facts maintain information about deleted profiles and provide a way to link Customer Insights information to a specific user.
Time Dim
The Time Dimension maintains hour/minute of the day information for events, stored in UTC format.
User Agent Dim
The User Agent Dimension maintains information about devices and browsers used to access your web site.