Creating a Dashboard

Detailed information on creating a Customer Insights Dashboard.


Creating a Dashboard
Need to create a Dashboard in Customer Insights? We suggest that you start here.
Creating and Naming a Dashboard
There are at least two ways to create Dashboards. Both are detailed here.
Adding Tiles to a Dashboard
The elements that you add to a Dashboard - the charts, the tables, the messages, etc. - are referred to as tiles. To add a tile to a Dashboard, you first have to put the Dashboard into edit mode.
Adding a Query Tile to a Dashboard
What is the difference between a Query Tile and a Look Tile? When is it appropriate to use one instead of the other?
Adding a Look Tile to a Dashboard
Once a Look has been created, it's easy to add it to a Dashboard.
Adding Notes to a Query Tile or a Look Tile
Add tips, comments, or descriptions to a visualization using the Add Note button.
Editing a Query Tile or a Look Tile
When a Dashboard is in edit mode you can make changes to a Look Tile or a Query Tile by hovering the mouse over the top right corner of the tile.
Adding a Text Tile to a Dashboard
Text tiles can be used to explain the use of the Dashboard, provide contact information should a user have questions, or any number of other things. Text tiles are easy to add.
Using Markdown to Format Text Tiles
Using Markdown to format Customer Insights text tiles.
Moving and Resizing Tiles
Customer Insights makes it easy to move and or to resize elements on your Dashboards with move and resize handles for each element.
Dashboard Filters
Dashboard filters help specify the initial dataset for a selected Look, and can also be used by users to examine the dataset in different ways.
Adding a Filter to a Dashboard
In Customer Insights, Dashboard filters are easy to create and assign to different tiles.
Requiring a Filter to Run a Dashboard
Customer Insights allows you to require a user to set a filter before they can run a Dashboard. Here's how to set that up.
Limiting Filters to a Single Clause
It is possible in Customer Insights to limit users to the use of a single clause within a filter., which disables the user's ability to create Boolean operator filters.
Linking Filters
With Customers Insights, you can link two or more Dashboard filters together, further narrowing down query results.
Configuring Dashboard Settings
Each Dashboard has a collection of configuration settings that manage such things as how often the Dashboard auto refreshes, and whether the Dashboard should automatically run any time it is accessed.