Console Passwords vs. Dashboard Passwords

Although the Dashboard is being phased out, many organizations still need to use both the Console and the Dashboard; that means you might have both a Console account and a Dashboard account. It’s important to note that, when it comes to passwords, those two accounts are not linked in any way: if you change your Console password that will not change your Dashboard password as well. For example, suppose you change your Console password and then try to logon to the Dashboard using that new password. If you do that, your Dashboard logon will fail:

Why did logon fail? That’s right: because you only changed your Console password; you didn’t change your Dashboard password.

So how do you keep your two passwords in synch? For better or worse, there’s no automated way to do that. If you change your Console password to p@ssw0rd! then you’ll need to manually change your Dashboard pass to p@ssw0rd! as well. And, of course, the same thing works in reverse: changing your Dashboard password does not automatically change your Console password.