Configuration API: Clients and Settings

Clients and Settings API

Managing your applications and your API clients


The Clients and Settings APIs are primarily used to manage your API clients (also known as "properties). For example, these endpoints enable you to do such things as:

  • Create new API clients
  • Delete existing API clients
  • Modify the settings and permissions assigned to your API clients at either the global scope or the local (individual
    client) scope

For an introduction to to the Clients and Settings API, see this topic:

And for the actual endpoints themselves, see the following:

Resets the secret for an API client. Resetting the secret is equivalent to changing the client password.
The GET method returns setting values for the specified API client, while the PUT method enables you to change client settings.
The GET method returns permission and metadata information for an API client, while the PUT method provides a way to update the permissions and settings assigned to a client. Meanwhile, the DELETE method enables you to delete an API client.
The GET method returns permission and metadata information for all your API clients. The POST method provides a way to create a new API client.
The GET method returns information about the values and settings applied at the application (global) scope. The PUT method provides a way to modify those values and settings.
Returns information about the settings that can be applied to an API client.