/config/{appId}/flows/ {flow}/promote

Copies a flow from one application to an API client in a second application.

This endpoint includes the following methods:

  • POST


Promotes a flow to another app. The app_id and credentials must be specified in the request body. The flow name remains the same. If the other app has a flow with the same name, it will be overwritten.


This endpoint supports Basic authentication. 

How to Create an Authentication String

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your Configuration API domain followed by /config/ followed by your application ID. For example, if you are in the US region and your application ID is htb8fuhxnf8e38jrzub3c7pfrr, then your base URL would be:


Allowed regions are:

  • us 
  • eu 
  • au 
  • sa 
  • cn
  • sg

Request Example (application/json)

  "app_id": "someotherappid12345678",
  "client_id": "someotherclientid1234568",
  "client_secret": "someotherclientsecret12345678"

Sample Request (curl)

This command promotes the flow documentation from the application 34qhnk79qs3kvemxjwbavb8g3z to the API client
d3f6mae8yecdrg27y4r7b664764nvvy7. Note that the API client must not be in application 34qhnk79qs3kvemxjwbavb8g3z: flows can only be promoted from application A to application B (or vice-versa).

curl -X POST \
  https://v1.api.us.janrain.com/config/hevwjvt8j7cym5hbbzdu8mv6aj/flows/documentation/promote \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic c2dueXZ1czZwYzRqbTdraHIybmVxNWdzODlnYnIyZXE6d3Q0YzN1bjl3a2tjZnZ5a25xeDQ0eW5jNDc2YWZzNjg=' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "app_id": "34qhnk79qs3kvemxjwbavb8g3z",
    "client_id": "d3f6mae8yecdrg27y4r7b664764nvvy7",
    "client_secret": "5s70o8x8yvu792pncc2w3uw8cxtedewq"


201 Created

Successfully created a new flow.

Response Headers

Location string

The location of the newly-created flow.

Example: Location: /config/someotherappid12345678/flows/myCoolFlow

Response Example (application/json)

  "_self": "/config/someotherappid12345678/flows/myCoolFlow",
  "name": "myCoolFlow",
  "version": "2015111705580676795"

404 Not Found

Capture application could not be found. Please check the value and try again.

Response Example (application/json)

  "errors": "Flow not found."