Comparing the Capture Dashboard and the Console

The Console will eventually replace both the Capture Dashboard and the Engage Dashboard. As of this writing, however, the Console doesn’t have all the features and capabilities found in the Capture Dashboard, and has none of the features found in the Engage Dashboard. The following table compares Capture Dashboard pages with their Console counterparts:

Capture Dashboard

Console Page




Download daily logon activity reports. Not available in the Console.


Manage Schemas

Access to your entity type schemas. The Console provides full access to your schemas, including information about all schema attributes. However, you must be an Administrator to access the Manage Schemas page.


Manage Profiles

Access to user profile data. The Console provides additional search capabilities well beyond the simple filtering available in the Capture Dashboard. In addition, the Console enables you to download user profile information in either comma-separated value (CSV) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

API Clients

Manage Properties

Access to API client information, including client IDs and secrets. Configure client settings.


Manage Agents

Manage administrative access. Note that the Console supports different roles and access permissions than the ones found in the Capture Dashboard.


Manage Application

View application information and configure application settings.