Updates the IP whitelist for an API client. The IP whitelist specifies the IP addresses that are allowed to access the client; by default, any IP address can access a client. Note that only an owner client can call the /clients/set_whitelist endpoint.

This endpoint includes the following methods:

  • POST



This endpoint supports Basic authentication. 

How to Create an Authentication String

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your Identity Cloud Capture domain; for example:


Your Capture domains (also known as Registration domains) can be found in the Console on the Manage Application page:


Example Request

This command changes the IP whitelist for the API client 67890fghij67890fghij to That syntax ensures that only devices with the following IP addresses can access the client:


curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Basic c2dueXZ1czZwYzRqbTdraHIybmVxNWdzODlnYnIyZXE6d3Q0YzN1bjl3a2tjZnZ5a25xeDQ0eW5jNDc2YWZzNjg=" \
  --data-urlencode for_client_id=67890fghij67890fghij \
  --data-urlencode whitelist='[""]' \
      Running this command in Postman

Authorized Clients

  • owner


  •  janrain-signed
  •  basic-auth

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
for_client_id string The ID of the client whose whitelist is to be modified. If this parameter is not present then the owner client's whitelist will be modified.
whitelist string Yes A JSON array of CIDR addresses that constitute the new whitelist for the client. Each value must use the format x.x.x.x/x.


200 OK

Example Error Response

  "argument_name": "whitelist",
  "request_id": "g8snkpqubwkd7kzh",
  "code": 200,
  "error_description": "whitelist was not valid for the following
    reason: invalid cidr address:; value after slash
    must be 32or less",
  "error": "invalid_argument",
  "stat": "error"

Response Example (application/json)

  "stat": "ok"