Clears the IP whitelist for an API client. The IP whitelist specifies the IP addresses that are allowed to access the client; clearing the whitelist resets the list to the default value, which allows any IP address to access the client. Note that only an owner client can make this API call. 

This endpoint includes the following methods:

  • POST



This endpoint supports Basic authentication. 

How to Create an Authentication String

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your Identity Cloud Capture domain; for example:


Your Capture domains (also known as Registration domains) can be found in the Console on the Manage Application page:


Example Request

This command clears the whitelist for the API client with the ID 67890fghij67890fghij. The whitelist specifies the IP addresses that are allowed to make API calls using that client.

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Basic c2dueXZ1czZwYzRqbTdraHIybmVxNWdzODlnYnIyZXE6d3Q0YzN1bjl3a2tjZnZ5a25xeDQ0eW5jNDc2YWZzNjg=" \
  --data-urlencode for_client_id=67890fghij67890fghij \
      Running this command in Postman

Authorized Clients

  • owner


  •  janrain-signed
  •  basic-auth

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
for_client_id string The ID for the client whose whitelist will be cleared. If this parameter is not included, the whitelist for the owner client will be cleared.


200 OK

Example Error Response

  "argument_name": "for_client_id",
  "request_id": "ytjjh5pqjhkwyhdr",
  "code": 200,
  "error_description": "for_client_id was not valid for the following
    reason: for_client_id is not a valid id",
  "error": "invalid_argument",
  "stat": "error"

Response Example (application/json)

  "stat": "ok"