API-Based Implementation Guide

Registering users without using the Janrain widget.


API-Based Implementation
The purpose of this section is to guide developers through the authentication process using the Identity Cloud Registration Server and supporting server-side API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints without using the Registrati...
Traditional Login and Registration
Complete traditional login and registration via API with the required fields from their corresponding forms.
Social Login and Registration
Once you have the social login token, the next step is to attempt to authenticate the user. You’ll pass the social login token into the call in the token parameter.
Account Merge
Users can be prompted to confirm that they’d like to merge their social account with their existing user record.
Account Link/Unlink
For linking and unlinking, it will be necessary to first make an API call to the entity endpoint to retrieve and/or verify the current list of the user’s linked accounts.
Email Verification
An API endpoint can trigger the Registration system to send a verification email based on the configuration defined for the form.
Forgot Password
A unique constraint of this API call is that the code that is generated must be used with a widget or oauth/token API call that is configured with the same API Client ID that was used to initiate the API call.
Profile Update
API endpoints can be used to allow users to update their profile information.
Exchange Authorization Code
When a user attempts an action that requires a Janrain access token (e.g. save profile), a server-side script can be called to generate a new valid access token and pass it back to re-attempt the action.