An Overview of the Webhooks API

Webhooks v3 provides organizations with the ability to manage the service the way they want to manage it. With Webhooks v3, organizations can do such things as:

  • Create, delete, and modify webhook subscriptions.
  • Start and stop delivery feeds.
  • View events that have (and events that have not) been delivered.

All of these activities (and more) are carried out by making API calls; there's currently no GUI method for managing webhooks and webhook subscriptions. Because of that, managing Webhooks v3 means having a good understanding of how the webhook APIs work. Those APIs include the following endpoints:

We’ll explore these endpoints in more depth in a minute or two. Before we do that, however, we need to explain how those endpoints use authentication tokens.

Note that the Webhooks v3 APIs all have an API response timeout of 10 seconds.