Adding an Attribute to an Entity Type Schema

One of the great strengths of the Identity Cloud entity types is the fact that entity types (and their underlying schemas) are fully extensible. When you first sign up for the Identity Cloud, you get a default entity type and entity type schema (user) that includes a number of predefined user attributes. As we’ve already seen, however, you aren’t restricted to that default schema: you can create any number of custom schemas that help you fulfill your needs. Furthermore, even the default schema is not etched in stone. For example, suppose you need to track something that isn’t tracked by one of the default attributes (for example, you need to know whether or not a user has subscribed to your monthly newsletter). What do you do in that situation? Probably the best course of action is to add a new attribute (e.g., newsletterSubscriber) to the user entity type schema. Problem solved!

In this section of the documentation we’ll explore three different ways to add an attribute to an entity type schema:

Before we do that, however, we need to take a quick look at the different kinds of attributes that can be added to an entity type schema.