A Complete Index to Registration Resources

Do we have any articles about Identity Cloud registration, how it works, and how to implement it? Yeah, you might say that ....

Registration Overview
Registration Overview
An introduction to Identity Cloud registration.
Registration Components
It's all here: the Registration UI, API client settings, flows, and schema.
Access Tokens and Codes
A peek beneath both the login and registration covers.
Registration Dashboard
The GUI way to configure and manage registration.
Implementing Registration
Deployment Overview
Preparing to implement Identity Cloud registration.
The Reference Implementation
Registration scripts, files, and folders.
Configuration Acceptance Testing
Verifying that Akamai has done what we said we would do.
Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
Seven-step process for getting Identity Cloud registration up and running.
Production Launch Process
A detailed look at Akamai's provisioning process.
Flow Versioning
Verifying (and setting) your flow.
Managing Sessions with Registration
A brief introduction to Identity Cloud registration.
API-Based Implementation Guide
API-Based Implementation
Not a fan of the widget? Then use an API-based implementation instead.
Traditional Login and Registration
Allowing users to log on by using a username and password.
Social Login and Registration
Enabling users to log by using a social media account (e.g., Facebook or Twitter).
Account Merge
Recognizing that traditional account A and social account B belong to the same user.
Account Link/Uplink
Enabling (or disabling) the ability to log in from a specified social media account.
Email Verification
Sending an email verification notice to a newly-registered user.
Forgot Password
Sending a reset-password email and link to a user.
Profile Update
Displaying and updating user profile information.
Exchange Authorization Code
Trading an authorization code for an access token.
Default Registration Experience
Default Registration Experience
What you're likely to see during registration. And why you're likely to see it.
Screens Overview
Client-side screens: the UI elements that your users will work with.
Emails Overview
"Transactional" emails and how to configure them.
A look at the default registration screens and what they do.
A look at the default transactional emails, and why (and when) they get sent.
API Clients and Settings
API Clients and Permissions
Don't know what feature sets or schemas are? Well, now you do.
API Client Settings
All the things you can configure for an API client, and why you might (or might not) want to configure them.
Managing API Clients and Settings
Creating, modifying, and deleting API clients and API client settings.
Customizing Registration
Customizing the Registration Experience
Frequently-asked questions about tweaking registration.
Customizing the Information Gathered During Registration
Getting more -- and different -- information when a user registers.
Customizing the Flow of the User Experience
As a matter of fact, no, you don't have to use those
screens in that order.
Customizing Validating and Other Logic
Required fields, Captchas, age gating -- the list goes on. And on.
Customizing the Style/Aesthetics of Your Forms
Using stylesheets to give your form an extreme (or not-so-extreme) makeover.
Customizing Transactional Emails
Adding or deleting, and integrating third-party mailing systems.
Customizing Languages/Locales
Click Register. Cliquez sur Register. Haga clic en registrarse. 点击注册
Managing Multiple Sites and Brands
What to do if your organization does more than one thing?
Data Management
Data and Access Management Overview
Managing user profiles and user data.
Managing Your Schema
An overview of schemas: the blueprints for your user databases.
Managing User Data
Querying -- and importing -- large datasets.
Get notifications any time selected attributes are created, modified, or deleted.
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On Overview
SSO segments, site protocols, and other things to know before implementing Single Sign-On.
Single Sign-On for the Registration UI
A step-by-step guide to configuring Single Sign-On
with the Registration UI.
Single Sign-On for the Registration APIs
A step-by-step guide to configuring Single Sign-On without the Registration UI.
Registration JavaScript API
Registration JavaScript API
Do we really need yet another Identity Cloud API? Well, depending on what you want to do, yes.
All the things that might (or might not) take place during registration.
Displaying screens, setting cookie values, specifying the language to be used, and more.
Need to, say, retrieve client settings? Turns out there's an app (or, at least, a function) for that.