A Complete Index to Console Resources

The Console, from A (agents and audits) to Z (uh ....).

Console User Guide
The Console Annotated Photo Album
A visual tour of the Console and what it has to offer.
An Overview of the Console
What makes the Console better than the Capture Dashboard? These things.
Accessing the Console
Because, unless you log on, the Console really isn't all that useful.
Configuring Customer Care Portal Settings
API client settings that affect the Console.
Frequently-asked Questions About the Console
Frequently-asked Questions About the Console
After all, there's a reason why they call them "frequently-asked" questions.
General Management Questions
How do I log on? Why don't I see all the pages? How come I can't ....
Searching for User Profiles
Searching for users is easy ... as long as you follow
the rules.
Exporting User Data
You want to export specific data for a specific set of users? Here's how to do just that.
Managing Agents
Managing Agents
All about agents: users who have administrative rights to the Console.
Accessing the Manage Agents Page
How to get where you're going, at least when it comes
to agents.
Console Roles and Permissions
What can be done in the Console, and who can do it.
Console Roles and Dashboard Permissions
How Console roles and Dashboard permissions align (hint: they don't).
Console Roles
So what exactly can an Application Configuration Manager do?
Profile Access Filters
Details the three user profile access types that can be assigned to agents.
Restricting Agent Activity by Profile Type
Limit agents to a specific set of profiles (e.g., only profiles from the US).
Agent Groups
Change the default search attributes shown to one or
more agents.
Creating an Agent
The create-an-agent process, including information on how to accept an agent invitation.
Blocking Access for an Agent
Temporarily suspend an agent's access to user profiles.
Deleting an Agent
Remove an agent's account and all of his or her permissions.
Filtering for Agents
Filter your list of agents by name or by email address.
Exporting Agent Data
Save information about all your agents to a comma-separated values file.
Managing User Profiles
Managing User Profiles
Everything you might want to know about the personal information stored for a user.
Viewing Profiles on the Manage Profiles Page
How do you get to the Manage Profiles page, and what happens when you leave it?
Creating a User Profile
Creating a profile for a user before he or she has even logged on.
Working with the Property Attribute
With an emphasis on what to do if a user's Property
attribute is null.
Managing the Full User Record
Offers tips for working with objects and plurals, and for configuring dates and times.
Resending Verification Emails
Helping users who still need to verify their email
Resetting a User Password
Or, at any rate, helping users reset their passwords themselves.
Deleting a User Profile
Removing a user profile from the profile database.
Exporting Audit Data
Viewing (or saving) all the changes that have been to a user profile in the past X number of days.
Exporting Profile Information
Yes, this can be done -- easy. But there is one important caution to keep in mind.
Searching for User Profiles
Searching for and Exporting User Profiles
What You Can Search On
Modifying the Search Display Attributes
Changing the attributes values returned from a search.
Search Construction and Syntax
Mandatory Parts of a Search Query
Attribute Names
User first name? User last name? User country of residence? What exactly do you want to search on?
Equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than -- you'll find them all covered here.
Target Search Values
OK, now which last name are we looking?
Searching for String or Numeric Values
Searching for Null Values
Yes, it's possible to search for nothing; you just have to know how to do it.
Optional Parts of a Search Query
Wildcard Characters
Expand the flexibility of your searches by using the question mark and the asterisk.
The Boolean Operators AND and OR
All the users who live in Oregon OR Washington? Or all the users who live in Oregon AND Washington? There's a big difference.
Basic Searches
You gotta start somewhere. So why not start with the basics?
Exporting Profile Information
Finally: a quick and easy way to grab a copy of your user profile data.
Creating Searches by Using Guided Search
It's like a dream come true: having the Console write your search queries for you. (This is a cool feature. But should you really be dreaming about the Console?)
Searches vs. Filters
Is there a difference? Let's find out.
Writing Search Queries by Using Guided Search
Yes, the Console will write your queries for you. But you do have to tell if what kind of query to write.
Suppressing Default Searches and "Empty" Searches
Sometimes it's as important not to see data as it is to see data.
Search History and Search Filters
Why reinvent wheel? To be honest, we don't know. But reinventing your search queries over and over again is silly.
A Few Quick Notes About the Console Search History
A few handy tips when it comes to the Console search history.
Using the Search History
Relive the greatest moments of your life. Or at least the greatest moments of your Console searching life.
Saving Filters
After all, being able to save your queries is the whole idea of search filters in the first place.
Deleting a Saved Filter
Out with the old, in with the new,
Modifying or Renaming a Filter
Things change. And so can your search filters.
Managing Schemas
Managing Schemas
An overview of entity type schemas and how to manage them.
Accessing the Manage Schemas Page
Locating your schemas in the Console.
Viewing Schema Information
The schema information available to you, and what it
all means.
Exporting a Schema
Downloading a detailed copy of a schema.
Managing Applications
Managing Applications
A brief overview of applications and their purpose in life.
Viewing Application Information
It's easy to find your "main" application. But what if you have more than one?
Managing Global Settings
By default, global settings apply to all your properties.
Viewing Global Settings
What you see, what it means, and what if there's a setting you don't see?
Modifying Global Settings
Change is good, right? If that's true, good: this article helps you change setting values.
Adding a New Setting
Because there's a chance that those of us here at Akamai didn't think of everything.
Removing a Global Setting
Like any good pencil, the Console comes with an
Accessing Property Settings
How to go from global settings to local settings with one click of the mouse.
Managing Properties
Managing Properties
The Identity Cloud entity previously-known as API Clients.
Searching for (and Filtering) Properties
If you have scores (or maybe even hundreds) of properties, this might come in handy.
Copying a Property
If one property is good, then two or more similarly-
configured properties must be better.
Creating a Property
Yes, you can create as many properties as you want. And here's how you do that.
Working with Features
Features are the primary mechanism used to govern property access resources.
Working with IP Whitelists
Specify the devices allowed to make AI calls using a property.
Working with Client IDs and Client Secrets
Effectively, the username and password for a property.
Renaming a Property
Just in case Property1, Property2, and Property3
don't really cut it.
Resetting Client Secrets
Help to keep your properties safe, sound, and secure.
Viewing Client Secrets
There's a reason why they're known as secrets. But here's how you can find out what they are.
Deleting a Property
Don't want it? Don't need it? Then get rid of it. (Well, unless it's an Owner property.)
Managing Property Settings
Settings specify such things as the default flow name and email verification URLs.
Modifying Property Settings
Change your mind about something? Then change the setting value, too.
Adding a New Property Setting
Add a custom setting to a property.
Removing a Property Setting
Remove a property-specific setting and rely on the default value instead.
Registration Builder
An Introduction to Registration Builder
Manage your flows -- and promote your flows -- with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Accessing Registration Builder
How do you access Registration Builder? And just who can access Registration Builder?
The Registration Flows Page
This is where it all begins, at least when it comes to flow management.
Searching for Flows
Sorting, filtering, and otherwise sifting through all your flows.
Flow Actions
A brief overview of everything Registyration Builder lets you do to a flow.
Editing a Flow
Review a list of (and change log for) all the versions of a flow.
Copying a Flow
Quickly make a copy of any version of any flow. (Really!)
Restoring a Flow
Revert a flow to one of its previous incarnations.
Copying a Flow from the Registration Flows Page
The quick and easy way to make a copy of the current version of a flow.
Promoting a Flow to a Different Application
Very new and very cool: Moving a flow from your dev/staging environment to your production environment.
Deleting a Flow
Get rid of those flows you no longer need, and no longer want.