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This document will guide you through implementing Two-factor Authentication (2FA) and Risk-based Authentication (RBA) with Hosted Login - a quick, customizable, and standards-based way to add the Identity Cloud’s registration solution to your customer sites and apps.

This guide assumes you’ve already started working with Hosted Login. If not, please see the Hosted Login Getting Started Guide first.

Which one is right for you?

  • The Two-factor Authentication section shows you how to enable 2FA with the simplest strategy - all users who log in must complete 2FA. Users can be given the option to trust their device in order to bypass 2FA in future logins.
  • The Risk-based Authentication section shows you how to enable 2FA with a more fine-tuned approach - only trigger 2FA in risky situations, such as when a user has a bad reputation or when they attempt to access a sensitive area. This allows for less friction in the user experience while maintaining high security standards.

Let’s get started! Use the arrows on the right and left of the page, or the left navigation menu, to step through this guide.