The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Data Sync integration pattern provides a pre-built solution for syncing Identity Cloud user data with your Marketing Cloud subscriber list on a recurring basis.

Pattern basics:

  • This is a one-way sync, from Identity Cloud to SFMC.
  • When a user record is “synced” it is either added or updated in SFMC depending on whether there is already a matching subscriber.
  • Additional user data from Identity Cloud can be synced to data extensions in SFMC.
  • The first time the integration runs, all eligible user records are synced to SFMC.
  • On each subsequent run, only new or updated user records (since the previous run) are synced.
  • Optionally, user deletions in Identity Cloud can also be synced with SFMC to delete the corresponding subscribers.
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The next steps will guide you through setting up and configuring this integration pattern, validating and executing it, and enabling your desired sync schedule.