Copy pattern

To get started setting up your data export, the first thing you’ll want to do is copy the Identity Cloud Data Export pattern to your project folder in SnapLogic.

A pattern in SnapLogic is essentially the master copy of a pre-built integration. By making a copy of this pattern in your own project folder, you can configure and customize it for your needs without altering the master copy.

Copy pattern to project folder

  1. In SnapLogic, navigate to the Manager tab
  2. In the left navigation, click to open the Identity Cloud Data Export project space
  3. Click on the AIC_DataExportPattern folder to view its contents
  4. In the main panel, check the box to select all three Pipelines
  5. Click the copy icon in the upper right corner Copy pattern in SnapLogic
  6. In the modal, select your project folder under Identity Cloud Data Export and click Copy Select project folder in SnapLogic

Your project folder should now contain:

  • Three (3) pipelines