This guide assumes you have an Identity Cloud implementation and access to the SnapLogic platform through Akamai. If this is not the case but you are interested in enabling this integration pattern, please reach out to your Akamai representative to get started.

Export receiver account

In order to complete your integration configuration, you must create and/or obtain access information for the sFTP server or Amazon S3 bucket where you want to receive exported Identity Cloud data. This receiver must be yours - Akamai does not provide this account.

You will need the access and location details for your receiver account later in this guide.

EXAMPLE sFTP server details EXAMPLE Amazon S3 bucket details
Location: s
Username: mysftpusername
Password: AbCdEFGhIJkl1m23
Location: s3:///
Access key ID: ABCD1EFGHIJ234K56LMN
Secret key: aB+12cdeFgHIJ+kLmN/3OpQRStuV4wXYzaBCDEFg

Identity Cloud API client

In order to grant access for the integration to export data from Identity Cloud, please create an API client (a.k.a. “Property”) in Identity Cloud Console. This client must have the direct_read_access feature only, and must be dedicated for this integration.

To create this client:

  1. Login to Identity Cloud Console
  2. Within the application you want to export data from, navigate to MANAGE PROPERTIES
  3. Click the CREATE PROPERTY button Create Property in Console
  4. Enter a name for this client (Example: Integration Bus Data Export)
  5. Under Permissions, de-select the login_client feature and select direct_read_access
  6. Click the save icon ( ) Create data export client in Console
  7. In the success message in the lower right corner, select VIEW Success message in Console
  8. You can copy the Client Id and Secret from the resulting Edit Property page Copy client ID and secret in Console

You will need the client ID and secret later in this guide.

Next steps

All remaining steps will be completed in the SnapLogic UI. Please login to SnapLogic with the account Akamai created for you, then come back to this tab to continue.

Supported browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Don’t have a SnapLogic account? When Akamai deployed the Integration Bus for you, you should have received a welcome email from SnapLogic with your login ID, a temporary password, and a link to access your account and set a new password. If you have not received this email, please check your spam folder and/or reach out to your Akamai Identity Cloud representative.

Using a SnapLogic account that predates your Akamai Integration Bus deployment? If so, you can log in normally, then you’ll need to switch to the AkamaiProd environment. If you have multiple environments, you can check or select this in the top-right corner of the SnapLogic UI.