The Data Export integration pattern provides a pre-built solution for exporting Identity Cloud user data on a recurring basis.

Pattern basics:

  • The first time the integration runs, all user records are exported.
  • On each subsequent run, only new or updated user records (since the previous run) are exported.
  • The exported data is formatted into a CSV or JSON file.
  • The file is delivered to your own sFTP server or Amazon S3 bucket.
Identity Cloud Data Export | Icons by Font Awesome, see fontawesome.com/license

Once you’ve received the exported data, you can download it from your sFTP server or S3 bucket and provide it to your downstream systems. This allows you to keep other databases in your customer ecosystem up-to-date with changes to your Identity Cloud user profiles.

The next steps will guide you through setting up and configuring this integration pattern, validating and executing it, and enabling your desired export schedule.