Configure CNAMEs

STOP! CNAME configuration is only required for contracted Identity Cloud customers. If you are running a free trial, please skip this step.

There are three (3) Identity Cloud domains you can customize. We’ll do this by adding a CNAME that appears as your own subdomain.

Required Domain Description Default Domain (example) Custom CNAME Format
Yes Hosted Login API base URL
Social login only Your application’s Registration DomainThe Registration Domain appears in a temporary message to the user after they’ve authenticated with a social provider. Example: Redirecting to
Social login only Social Login application URLThe Social Login app URL may appear to the user within the social provider’s webview, depending on the provider. Example: Sign in to with your Yahoo ID

To start the CNAME process, go to the Akamai Control Center and open a support case.

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Here are the steps you can take to configure and add Hosted Login to your own site or app.