Text on Hosted Login screens is customized via Registration Builder in the Identity Cloud Console.

In this example, we want to customize the welcome text on the sign-in screen. Welcome text on Hosted Login screen

Below are the steps we’ll take to accomplish this.

Identify the text string in Hosted Login

Each unique string of text in Hosted Login screens corresponds to a unique field name in the Console’s Registration Builder. These fields are populated in the screens by tags of the same name. All screens and field/tag names are documented for your convenience.

You can find the field name (or “JTL tag”) in the Hosted Login screens text reference. (Click on the applicable screen in the table to see the text details.)

For our example, the field name for the string we want to update is: textSignInScreenHeading

Welcome text field name

Update the string in Console

For our example, follow these steps to update the welcome text on the sign-in screen:

  1. Navigate to the Identity Cloud Console
  2. Click on your application in the left column navigation
  4. Click the Actions menu ( ) next to the flow you want to update Flow Actions in Console
  5. Select Edit from the Actions menu Edit Flow in Console
  6. On the Edit page, go to the FIELDS tab Flow Fields in Console
  7. Find the field called textSignInScreenHeading. By default, fields are listed in alphabetical order by Field Name. You can use the pagination controls in the bottom-right corner of the table, or sort by column if needed.
  8. Click the Edit Field icon (pencil) for this field Find and Edit Field in Console
  9. You’ll find the current text string in the Value of the field. Update the Value with your desired text (Example: Change Welcome to Gizmo! to Sign in to My Site) Edit Field Value in Console

    Tip! If your Registration Flow configuration contains multiple locales to support multiple languages, you can use the Manage Localized string select list to update each translation of this text. For more information on supporting multiple languages, see Localize screen text.

  10. Click the SAVE CHANGES button

NOT SEEING YOUR CHANGE? By default, you have a Global Setting called default_flow_version which is set to HEAD. This allows changes to the flow configuration - like this text change - to be published to Hosted Login screens immediately.

If default_flow_version is set to a specific flow version (example: 20200324202112729271), you will need to update it to the new version in order to publish this change. You can find the latest flow version on the REGISTRATION BUILDER home page in Console.

Example result of text update on Hosted Login screen: Updated text on Hosted Login screen