Configure site name

Your Site Name is a text value that appears in the browser tab of your Hosted Login screens. Example (site_name = My Site): Site Name in browser tab

It can also be populated into transactional email templates, such as the welcome email sent to the user upon registration: Site Name in transactional email

The above is an example of a default email template. Email templates reside in the Registration Flow configuration and can be fully customized via the Configuration API. For details, see Customize transactional emails.

You can customize your Site Name per property in the Identity Cloud Console:

  1. Navigate to MANAGE PROPERTIES
  2. Find your login client in the list of properties; Click the Actions menu ( ) and select Edit View/Edit property in Console
  3. Click the EDIT SETTINGS button at the bottom of the Settings section
  4. Modify the site_name setting in the Property Value column
  5. Click the Save icon (Save button)

site_name setting in Console

It may take several minutes for your changes to be reflected in Hosted Login after you update a setting in Console.