Test user flows

Sign In / Sign Up

In the previous step, you triggered display of the Hosted Login sign-in screen.

ACTION: Try to sign in or sign up for an account from this screen as an end user would.

Sign up for an account in Hosted Login

Upon successful sign-in or sign-up, you will be redirected back to the OIDC Playground where you can:

See the token exchange call and response that were made for you
Call the /userinfo endpoint
Refresh the tokens
Clear the tokens and/or start over

When you integrate Hosted Login with your site or app, the processes above may be handled for you by the OpenID Connect library or plugin you configure. Integration with your site or app is addressed in the next section: Integrate

View and Edit Profile

Once you’ve authenticated, you can make the Profile call to trigger the Hosted Login profile screens.

For this step, you will need your Profile URL:

ACTION: Click on your Profile URL above to open it in a new browser tab.

This will tell Hosted Login to display the profile screen.

Screenshot of Hosted Login profile screen

ACTION: Try viewing and editing your profile.

Profile changes in Hosted Login

Note that any changes you save to your profile will be reflected in the user record stored in the Identity Cloud.

View your profile changes in the Identity Cloud Console

Additional User Flows

For more information on the Hosted Login screens you can step through, see Hosted Login screens overview.

Next Step


Here are the steps you can take to configure and add Hosted Login to your own site or app.



The default Hosted Login experience can be customized to fit your style and business requirements.