When you upgrade from Hosted Login v1 to v2, some new components will be added to the Hosted Login experience. The default v2 experience can work right out of the box, however you’ll need to modify your flow in order to do the following:

  • Customize and translate new text strings
  • Customize and translate new email and SMS messages
  • Stop sending the v1 verification email, which is replaced in v2

Next, we’ll step through the changes required to get your flow fully compatible with Hosted Login v2. We’ll be working with the Flow Configuration API. We provide full API examples in this section with your region and application ID populated for you.


  • Your flow name (e.g. standard) and content may be different than what’s shown in the API examples provided in this section.
  • If you have multiple flows, you’ll need to step through these updates for each flow to be used with Hosted Login v2.

TIP! If you have many properties using the same flow, we recommend first making a copy of the flow, then complete these updates to the flow copy. This will allow you to upgrade each of your properties to the v2 flow one at a time.