Upgrade to Hosted Login v2

Get Started

This document will guide you through upgrading to version 2 of Hosted Login - a quick, customizable, and standards-based way to add the Identity Cloud’s registration solution to your customer sites and apps.

Hosted Login v2 includes new features and improvements - for more information, see Should I upgrade to Hosted Login v2?

This guide assumes you’re currently using Hosted Login v1. This is most likely the case if your Hosted Login instance was provisioned before October 1, 2020.

Not sure if you’re using v1 or v2? Continue with the steps in this guide to find out.

To complete the upgrade to Hosted Login v2, we will:

  • Gather your details
  • Update the loginURL in your login policy
  • Add SMS attributes (if needed)
  • Update your flow, including:
    • Add new translatable strings
    • Add new email and SMS messages
    • Remove the v1 verification email (if needed)

Let’s get started! Use the arrows on the right and left of the page, or the left navigation menu, to step through this guide.