Custom details

Please enter the following details about your custom login IDP. This is based on your preferences for how to reference the IDP and how it is presented to your end users. We’ll use this information in the next steps.

Example: Naver Dev

The name you want to give this IDP for internal reference. This name is only seen when you work with the IDP via the configuration API. If you create multiple custom IDPs related to the same provider, this can help you easily differentiate between them. Otherwise, this can be the same as the Button Text below.

Example: NAVER

The text you want to appear on the login button for end users.


The icon you want to appear on the login button for end users. This must be a publicly hosted URL with secure protocol (https). You could use an icon that is hosted publicly by the IDP, but it’s safer to host it yourself in case the IDP-hosted image changes, moves, or becomes unavailable.

In order to render properly in Hosted Login, the icon must be square.

If this IDP will be used in the legacy JavaScript SDK, or in a custom Console login page, the icon must be exactly 128 x 128 pixels.

Example button UI for custom IDP