Add to registration

By default, the Marketing Consent field you see in the user’s profile screen is not part of registration. What if you’d like to collect this consent when the user creates their account?

You can add the Marketing Consent field to registration by following a two-step process:

1. Add the field to registration form(s)

You can make this change in the Identity Cloud Console:

  1. Click on your application in the left column navigation
  2. Click to open REGISTRATION BUILDER Registration Builder in Console
  3. Click the Actions menu ( ) next to the flow you want to update and select Edit Edit Flow in Console
  4. On the Edit page, go to the FIELDS tab
  5. Find the field called marketingConsent. By default, fields are listed in alphabetical order by Field Name. You can use the pagination controls in the bottom-right corner of the table, or sort by column if needed.
  6. Click the Edit Field icon ( ) for this field Edit marketingConsent field in Console
  7. In the Forms section of the Edit Field page, click the ADD FORM button Add form to field in Console
  8. In the pop-up, select traditionalRegistrationForm in the list. If you allow your end users to register using a social account, you should select socialRegistrationForm too. Add form to field in Console
  9. Click the SAVE CHANGES button in the pop-up
  10. IMPORTANT! You must click the SAVE CHANGES button again on the Edit Field screen in order to implement this change.

The next time you view the Hosted Login screens, you’ll see the Marketing Consent field is now included when the user creates an account. Consent field added to registration screen

Need to reorder the fields as shown in the form? You can do this in the FORMS tab of Registration Builder. Make sure to do this for both the traditionalRegistrationForm and socialRegistrationForm if needed. Reorder form fields in Registration Builder Note that you can add fields to forms from the FORMS tab as an alternative to doing the same from the FIELDS tab (detailed in the steps above).

Note that if you want to add more consent or preference opts to the registration forms, you must create them as fields first. See Add more opts.

2. Add logic to write metadata

You now have a field in the registration form(s) to collect the user’s marketing consent when they create an account.

However, nothing will be written to the record for this registration field by default. This is because the hidden logic Hosted Login uses to write data to the user’s object isn’t configured to run upon registration. Additional data not automatically written to user record upon registration

For this, please reach out to your Akamai Identity Cloud representative. The logic that tells Hosted Login what to write into the user record, and when to write it, can be modified by the Akamai Identity Cloud Professional Services team to support your specific needs.