You can customize the default consent field label and text: Default consent field in Hosted Login

Field and text customization is easy to do using Registration Builder in the Identity Cloud Console. Follow the general step-by-step instructions for updating a field in the Hosted Login guide: Text

In this case, the field to update in Registration Builder is named: marketingConsent marketingConsent in Console

Notice the following text elements you can modify for this field:

  • Label - The short field label text (e.g. Marketing Consent)
  • Tip - The description text displayed under the field label (e.g. Aliquip irure Lorem sint…)

Example of customized marketingConsent field: Re-acceptance screen in Hosted Login

Required consents screen

The screen displayed to users if they must grant one or more consent before they’re allowed to authenticate into your site or app is called the authRule_consents screen: Required consent screen in Hosted Login

For more information about this screen and how to enable it, see Require user consent.

You can customize the text on this screen from the FIELDS tab of Registration Builder. The text fields to update for this screen are named:

  • textAuthRuleConsentsHeading - The heading text. Default value is: Consent required.
  • textAuthRuleConsentsValue - The body text displayed between the heading and the consent fields. Default value is: In order to continue, we need your consent.
  • textAuthRuleConsentsSubmit - The button text. Default value is: Continue

textAuthRuleConsentsHeading in Console